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Animal Classes:   Books Personalized for Your Class

     Preschool Bears - JK Bears - Kindergarten Bears - First Grade Bears
Preschool Bees - JK Bees - Kindergarten Bees - First Grade Bees
Preschool Ducks - JK Ducks - Kindergarten Ducks - First Grade Ducks
Preschool Frogs - JK Frogs - Kindergarten Frogs - First Grade Frogs
Preschool Iguanas - JK Iguanas - Kindergarten Iguanas - First Grade Iguanas
Preschool Kangaroos - JK Kangaroos - Kindergarten Kangaroos - First Grade Kangaroos
Preschool Lions - JK Lions - Kindergarten Lions - First Grade Lions
Preschool Monkeys - JK Monkeys - Kindergarten Monkeys - First Grade Monkeys
Preschool Owls - JK Owls - Kindergarten Owls - First Grade Owls
Preschool Pandas - JK Pandas - Kindergarten Pandas - First Grade Pandas
Preschool Penguins - JK Penguins - Kindergarten Penguins - First Grade Penguins
Preschool Rabbits - JK Rabbits - Kindergarten Rabbits - First Grade Rabbits
Preschool Spiders - JK Spiders - Kindergarten Spiders - First Grade Spiders
Preschool Squirrels - JK Squirrels - Kindergarten Squirrels - First Grade Squirrels
Preschool Tigers - JK Tigers - Kindergarten Tigers - First Grade Tigers
Preschool Turtles - JK Turtles - Kindergarten Turtles - First Grade Turtles

Leveled Reading Books
          Leveled Reading Books

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School Schedule
          School Schedule - A Custom Book For Your Class

Leveled Books
            Back To School
            Casey the Crime-Fighting Cat On Bullies
            Germ Warfare
            Classroom Objects
            In the Classroom
            Things Found in the Classroom
             Freddy's First Day of School (PDF file)
             Back to School Coloring Book (PDF file)
             Back to School: Katie's Book Bag (PDF file)
             School Counting Book (PDF file)
            Itís Wise to Immunize
            Subjects at School
            When I Do Subjects at School
            Subjects We Learn in School
        Lukeís First Ride on the School Bus

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Back to School and First Day of School Lesson Plans

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