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Understand Fractions (Grades 2-3)
Fraction Comparison (with shaded graphics)
     Same numerators
     Same denominators
     Either the same numerators or the same denominators
Fraction Comparison (with graphics, but not shaded in)
     Same numerators
     Same denominators
Fill in the missing number to make two equivalent fractions
     Fill in one number: Larger graphics with fractions shown
     Fill in one number: Smaller graphics with only boxes
     Fill in two number: Larger graphics with fractions shown
     Fill in two number: Smaller graphics with only boxes

Add and Subtract Like Fractions (Grade 3)
     Fraction comparison
     Order fractions from least to greatest
     Order fractions from greatest to least

Understand Fractions (Grades 4-5)
     Comparing fractions
     Ordering fractions (from least to greatest)
     Ordering fractions (from greatest to least)

     Comparing fractions
     Ordering fractions


Fraction Worksheets and Printables

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