German Units

Tätigkeiten Im Täglichen Leben
Everyday Activities

Word List
     Everyday Activities: Word List

Mixed Book
     Everyday Activities: Mixed Book

Word Search
     Everyday Activities: Word Search (pdf)
     Everyday Activities: Word Search with Pictures

Word Wall
     Everyday Activities: Word Wall

     **Everyday Activities** - German and English
     Oh, No! It's Saturday? - German and English
     **Everyday Activities** - German and English

Vocabulary Board Game
   Board Game with German Everyday Activities words

Pictures: Write the German Word (primary lines)
     Primary Grades: Write the German words

Rewrite the Words - Good Practice
     Gives both English and German in matching form - then write the German word

     Match Pictures with German words (pdf)
     Matching German words and English

     Misspelling Worksheet

     Unscramble words
     Unscramble words and rewrite the word

Answering Questions
     Questions (with answers at top)

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