Winter Theme Unit
Jumping Into Skiing

Jumping Into Skiing
Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grade 4
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   3.68

     challenging words:    interplanetary, pogo, rental, greatly, gingerly, interesting, actually, strap, accept, guilty, onto, staying, fact, pavement, particular, sport
     content words:    When Jumppie, Dear Raphael, One Jumppie

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Jumping Into Skiing
By Beth Beutler

1     It never snowed on the planet Jumpinveps. In fact, it barely rained. So, whenever the children of Jumpinveps heard that "winter was coming " they didn't pay much attention. Not until 2076, that is.

2076 was a very different year for Jumpinveps. Interplanetary travel had increased greatly, and it was not unusual to make it from Jumpinveps to earth in about 2 hours. Far cry from 20 years ago, when it took almost two days. When Jumppie (the people from Jumpinveps) wanted to go skiing, they arranged for a trip to earth. There were very few that could afford to take the trip, though. So only the most privileged Jumppie could go. Now it only took two hours, and there were many more interplanetary air busses. The cost had dropped significantly, and many Jumppies made their first trip to Earth to see snow and trying the sport.
2     January 15, 2076

Dear Raphael,
3     Today I was at the ski slopes, and you should have seen it. It was pretty funny. A bunch of those people from the planet Jumpinveps visited earth for the first time today.
4     It was pretty funny to watch a Jumppie learn to ski for the first time. They are used to going around on pogo sticks, but when it comes to staying on skis that go straight down a hill - FAST, they are, you could say, all thumbs. Plus, most of them have never even seen snow, so their reactions when they see it for the first time are, well, unusual.
5     I was watching some of them today and could barely keep from cracking up. They got off their air bus and very carefully stepped down onto the pavement covered with a thick pad of white snow. They stepped gingerly, almost as if they were afraid of falling through.
6     After a few minutes, most Jumppies seemed to relax, but one in particular did not. He looked around warily, like he couldn't believe or accept what he saw. He reached down to feel the snow, and (it was so funny!) he jumped back like he got burned or something. Guess he didn't realize how cold snow could be!
7     Next they headed to the ski rental shop. I watched them strap on skis, which actually went pretty well. But when they first started walking, they were falling all over themselves. They were screeching and beeping, and I even heard one of them say, "Me feet now too big. I not walk good." I thought, "This is going to take them forever."
8     I had compassion and went over to them, asking, "Can I help?" One Jumppie looked at me in surprise. "Earthlings never help Jumppies. Can I trust you?"
9     "Sure," I responded. I began to feel badly about laughing at them.

Paragraphs 10 to 17:
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Winter Theme Unit
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