Teens can Dress for Success

Teens can Dress for Success
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Teens can Dress for Success
By Brenda B. Covert

1     You just heard about a job that you know you would enjoy! Visions of dollar signs dance in your head. You already know how you would spend your first paycheck! You work up the courage to apply for the job. In the process, does what you choose to wear matter?
2     You may not like this answer, but yes, clothing matters. It's not enough simply to wear some; what you choose to wear also needs to be appropriate for the line of work that interests you. First impressions matter. You have probably judged other teens by their clothing. You will be judged by your clothing as well. If you wear flashy, revealing, or "alternative" styles of clothing, the interviewer is going to make assumptions about you. Your style may send a message that you won't get along with the other employees. Your interview may be brief, and you may go home with no hope of a call-back.
3     If you know how to dress for success, you will make a good impression. You may not always get the job, but your chances are better if you dress properly for the interview. It is never a bad idea to strive to make a good first impression.

Paragraphs 4 to 8:
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