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     challenging words:    bullying-stopped, cyberbully, cyberbullying-all, facade, brunt, e-mailed, grudge, zombie, lawsuit, filing, freshman, harass, rage, attitude, based, punishment
     content words:    Now Dex

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By Brenda B. Covert

1     Dex sneered at Shane before turning back to his locker. He hadn't liked that guy since the first day he walked into Mr. Randall's classroom. Dex liked to pull pranks on the new students, and he took a shot at Shane. Dex's practical joke had backfired, making him the brunt of his own joke. He blamed Shane and wanted revenge. Dex didn't know how to let go of a grudge. He allowed it to consume him.
2     Do you know what Dex hated most? It was the way that Shane ignored him! Shane didn't seem fazed by anything Dex said or did. His mature attitude made Dex look stupid and childish. It made Dex more determined to break through Shane's cool facade [fuh-SOD]. Something had to make him crack.
3     Dex came across a special computer program. It was for designing computer games. It gave Dex a wonderful, evil idea.
4     Dex made up a game about a teenage zombie. He found a photo of Shane. He scanned it into the game and made Shane's face look ugly and mean. The point of the game was to kill zombie Shane with an array of weapons.
5     Dex was so pleased with himself! He could have laughed an evil laugh while rubbing his hands together, but he didn't. What did he do instead? He e-mailed his new game to his friends.

Paragraphs 6 to 14:
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