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What Ever Happened to Amelia Earhart?
By Jennifer Kenny

1     Could someone actually vanish into thin air or could that only happen in the movies? If you think it could only happen in the movies, where would you tell everyone that Amelia Earhart went on July 2, 1937?
2     Amelia Earhart was born in Kansas on July 24, 1897. She had always been a tomboy who liked to climb trees and hunt rats with a gun. She also kept a scrapbook about women who worked really well at jobs that men usually did.
3     Amelia Earhart saw her first plane at a state fair when she was ten years old. For someone who was going to become famous for flying airplanes, she really wasn't very interested at the time. Then, in 1920, Frank Hawks flew Amelia Earhart on a plane for the first time. The feeling she had in the air changed her life. She knew she had to fly!
4     Earhart took her first flying lesson in January of 1921. Six months later she bought her first plane. It was a bright yellow, two-seater plane that she called "Canary."
5     In 1922, Earhart used "Canary" to set her first women's flying altitude record of 14,000 feet. Altitude means the height of something above the ground. In 1928, she was asked to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. She and her team left Newfoundland and landed in Wales twenty-one hours later. She became world famous. There was a ticker-tape parade held for Earhart and her crew in New York. President Coolidge had a party for her at the White House. She also completed the first transcontinental flight (or flight across a continent) by a woman later that same year.

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