The Wonderful World of Taxes - Reading Comprehension
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The Wonderful World of Taxes Reading Comprehension
     The Wonderful World of Taxes reading comprehension (sample is shown below)

The Wonderful World of Taxes
By Brenda B. Covert

1     Ah, Taxes. That great big state on the Gulf of Mexico where the cowboys chase cattle, the armadillos chase cars, and everybody remembers the Alamo. Oh, wait. That's Texas. How embarrassing! Today's lesson isn't on one of the fifty states, so let's forget Texas for the moment and start over.
2     Ah, taxes. The wonderful world of taxes. Say what? Does anyone believe that taxes are wonderful? Well, yes and no. No one really likes to be taxed, but nearly everyone agrees that taxes are important. Believe it or not, taxes have been around for thousands of years!
3     A tax is money that a government collects from people and businesses. Just as it takes money to run a household, it takes money to run a country and provide helpful services to the people. The money pays the wages of politicians and other employees of the government. It goes toward building new roads and repairing old ones. It also goes to state and national parks, programs to help the needy, the public school system, and our military, among other things. The federal and state governments have set up many different forms of taxation. The most well known tax is the sales tax. The buyer pays an extra amount above the cost of the purchased item. For instance, a 5 percent sales tax on a $1.00 item would bring the total cost to $1.05. A $10.00 item would end up costing $10.50.

Paragraphs 4 to 8:
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