Are You Environ"mental"? - Reading Comprehension
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Are You Environ"mental"? Reading Comprehension
     Are You Environ"mental"? reading comprehension (sample is shown below)

Are You Environ"mental"?
By Cindy Campbell

1     NASCAR's #8—Dale Earnhardt, Jr.— hums around the final curve on the racetrack ready to take the checkered flag—in a hybrid car? Hybrid cars are the newest vehicles to come down the road in energy efficiency. Can't quite imagine NASCAR drivers in hybrid cars? Well, that may never happen, but energy is just one of many serious environmental issues on the minds of Americans today. Just what is this environmental fuss all about? Why should you care?
2     There are two camps involved with the environment. First, there are the Conservationists who believe in the sensible protection and use of natural, renewable resources, while allowing people careful recreational use of public lands. The Environmentalists advocate the protection of the environment from man.
3     There are four environmental elements to be reckoned with. First, there is water. Water is made up of individual molecules each containing two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Life couldn't exist without water. You probably know from science class that you are made up of sixty-six percent water. Without your two and a half quarts a day, after about a week you would dehydrate and pass out. Water sustains life. Even though water is a renewable resource, efforts to use it wisely are important. The government is requiring that by the year 2007 all new washing machines must not exceed the front loading machine water levels of 15-20 gallons per load of laundry. Today's top loading machines send 42-50 gallons of water per load down the drain. At ten loads of laundry a week and using a gas water heater, you could save 9,589 gallons of water yearly with a front loading machine!

Paragraphs 4 to 10:
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