A New Nation

Money for the New Country

Money for the New Country
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     challenging words:    excise, happening, historical, teens, ownership, luxury, dealing, based, artillery, running, jobs, education, unfair, attend, gunshot, industry
     content words:    Revolutionary War, United States, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, New York, Kings College, Continental Congress, Boston Tea Party

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Money for the New Country
By Sharon Fabian

1     The American colonists had just won the Revolutionary War. The country known as the United States was just beginning. The colonists and their leaders had all kinds of plans about what they wanted their new country to be like. They had ideas about services that the new government could provide here at home. They had ideas about how the new government should deal with foreign countries. George Washington, the leader of the new nation, was ready to begin putting plans into action.
2     One thing the new country did not have yet was money, and just like today, the government would need money to begin work on any of its plans.
3     That is where Alexander Hamilton came in. Alexander had been dealing with money since he was a little boy working in his mother's store. As a teenager, he worked for an international trading company, where he had the opportunity to learn all about foreign trade. He learned fast and took on some of the responsibilities of managing the business while still in his teens. In 1773, he was sent to America to further his education.
4     Hamilton arrived in America at the same time that major historical events were happening. Hamilton came to New York to attend Kings College at the same time that the Continental Congress was meeting. Soon, he heard news of the Boston Tea Party. He studied the facts on both sides and then decided to join the colonists.

Paragraphs 5 to 11:
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