Cold War

The Korean War

The Korean War
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The Korean War
By Sharon Fabian

1     The Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union got its name because it was not a war in the usual sense of the word. The United States and the Soviet Union did not fight each other on the battlefield. They did not attack each other with guns, tanks, or missiles.
2     According to one definition, a Cold War is one fought with words and threats, not with guns. It is not a military conflict.
3     A closer look at history during the Cold War years, however, will show that this is not entirely true. It is true that the United States and the Soviet Union never declared war on each other, but the two sides in the Cold War, the democratic countries and the communist countries, did meet on more than one battlefield during the Cold War years.
4     One of those battlefields was Korea. The Korean War was a conflict between communist countries and democratic countries.

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