Colonial America (1492-1765)
Why the Settlers Came

Why the Settlers Came
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Why the Settlers Came
By Sharon Fabian

1     Why would a family pack up everything they owned, buy passage on a ship, and set sail for a faraway new world?
2     Most of America's early settlers came from Europe. Europe had big, beautiful cities, art, music, fine clothing, famous universities, royal leaders, and much more. Why did some Europeans make the hard decision to leave?
3     Some of America's early settlers came from Africa. Africa also had beautiful cities and ancient cultures. It had a wealth of open spaces and natural resources. Why did some Africans leave for America?
4     During the colonial period, thousands of people came to America, and many different reasons brought them here.
5     Some of the settlers came to find work. In early America, most of the people were farmers, and anyone could come to America and work on the land. People also came to work in the timber and fishing industries. Timber and fish were two of America's earliest exports.

Paragraphs 6 to 12:
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