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Josie's First Rodeo Competition

Josie's First Rodeo Competition
Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 4 to 5
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   4.04

     challenging words:    arena, fencepost, festive, haired, loudspeaker, milled, nuzzle, rubdown, stake, whinny, announcer, latch, mounted, mare, schedule, setting
     content words:    Goat Tail Tying, Barrel Race

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Josie's First Rodeo Competition
By Phyllis Naegeli

1     Penny and Josie chatted excitedly about the rodeo in the back seat of the truck cab. "We're here," said Dad as he turned to drive into the fairgrounds. The truck began to bounce back and forth over the uneven ground.
2     "Do you think Arizona is O.K. in the trailer?" asked Josie apprehensively.
3     "I'm sure she's fine," said Penny, ruffling her younger sister's curly brown hair. "Look at all the activity!" Penny pointed out the truck window.
4     Josie stared out the window. Horses neighed and beat their hoofs against the ground. Cowboys, cowgirls, and clowns milled around the fairgrounds, preparing for their turn in the rodeo. The field was full of trailers, trucks, and campers belonging to participants. A festive atmosphere filled the air.
5     "You can feel the excitement," Mom said as Dad parked the truck in their assigned spot.
6     Dad turned to the girls in the back seat. "Come on; let's get Arizona out of the trailer."
7     The two sisters climbed out and ran to the back of the trailer as Dad unhooked the latch. Slowly, Arizona backed out and turned to nuzzle Josie with a whinny.
8     "I love you, too," Josie said, rubbing the horse's forehead. "It looks like she did alright in the trailer."
9     Mom smiled. "She's a pro at traveling to rodeos."
10     "I'll give Arizona a rubdown," said Dad, holding the horse's reigns. "Why don't you two go and look at the schedule to see when your competitions begin."
11     "I'll unpack the truck while you're gone," said Mom.
12     Penny grabbed Josie's hand. "Come on; let's go!" Giggling, the sisters ran off to the bulletin board with the program schedule. At the board, they found their names listed under their specific events.
13     "Look," said Penny. "Here's your name under Goat Tail Tying. Your event starts at noon."

Paragraphs 14 to 44:
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