Wild, Wild West
Wild, Wild Dress - Women

Wild, Wild Dress - Women
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     challenging words:    bloomers, calico, covering, crinoline, high-necked, inappropriate, underclothing, excess, colored, various, determination, material, westward, participate, pioneer, generally

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Wild, Wild Dress - Women
By Beth Beutler

1     In the days of the wild, wild West, women and girls did not have it easy. They did not have nearly the choices we have today. They were subjected to challenging conditions and hard work, just like the men were. Women displayed courage and determination to be part of the move westward, and their clothes needed to fit what they would face in that environment.
2     At the same time, women and girls have always enjoyed attractive things, so women enjoyed using brightly colored material to make their dresses and add interest to their clothes.
3     Generally, women would make do with two dresses each, often made of calico. Calico is a brightly colored, tough fabric. This would help them enjoy color while having durable dresses. If they had the means, they would add to their collection with dressier styles. The dresses were high-necked and long sleeved, and they often went to the ground. They were very conscious about covering most of their skin.

Paragraphs 4 to 7:
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