Colonial America (1492-1765)
Candle and Soap Maker

Candle and Soap Maker
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Candle and Soap Maker
By Sharon Fabian

1     Today, some people make candles for fun. They add colors and scents. They make the candles in pretty shapes. Handmade candles make nice decorations. Some people like to make soap too. They make little bars of scented soap. Maybe they wrap up a few with a bow and give them as gifts.
2     The colonists made candles and soap too. It wasn‘t a hobby for them. It was a necessity.
3     Some colonists had the job of making soap and candles. They were called chandlers. Their soap and candles were sold in town. Soap was cut from a big block when a customer wanted to buy some. It was sold by the pound. Candles were sold in bundles of maybe ten or twelve, since the colonists used lots of candles.
4     Many colonists made their own soap and candles at home.

Paragraphs 5 to 13:
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