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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dreams

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dreams
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     challenging words:    business, husband, ever, company, enough, million, true, world, also, family, other, name, worth, chip, shop, time
     content words:    Debbi Fields, Fields Chocolate Chippery, Debbi Fields Great American Desserts, Outback Steakhouse, Fields Cookies

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dreams
By Jody Williams

1     "These are the best cookies I have ever had!" That is what Debbi Fields heard all the time. When she was 20 years old, she made her cookie dream come true. She opened her first cookie shop in California. It was called "Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chippery." That was in 1977.
2     Mrs. Fields started by baking chocolate chip cookies for her friends. Now she owns over 600 stores all over the world. She also has written three cookbooks. Her newest cookbook is called Debbi Fields Great American Desserts. She also helps other companies. One company .....
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