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Earth Turtle

Earth Turtle
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     challenging words:    loons, muskrat, beginning, entire, faithful, especially, beaver, monstrous, grave, perhaps, otter, longer, kinds, amount, release, dangerous

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Earth Turtle
By Mary Lynn Bushong

1     At the beginning of time, the entire world was covered with water. The only living creatures existed in the water. Most were animals you would know today, but some were monsters of the deep.
2     One day, two loons saw a woman falling from the sky. The two birds flew up to try to catch her. They linked their wings, but she was too heavy for them to carry. They called out for the other animals to help.
3     The turtle heard their cries and called for the others to come. They did not want the water monsters to try to hurt her.
4     The birds sat the woman on the turtle's back. She couldn't live in the water, and they wondered where she could stay. Perhaps they could make a place.

Paragraphs 5 to 13:
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