Women's History
Among Gorillas

Among Gorillas
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Among Gorillas
By Jody Williams

1     Many people live with animals. Some have dogs and cats. Some have fish. Dian Fossey had gorillas. The gorillas didn't live in her house. She lived in theirs. Dian Fossey traveled to Africa. She wanted to study gorillas. Dian lived in the jungle with the gorillas. At first, she kept her distance. Then, she gained their trust. She became a part of their group.
2     Dian Fossey was born in San Francisco, California in 1932. She loved animals. She went to college to become a veterinarian. She then took at trip to Africa. While she was there, she became interested in gorillas. Dian loved watching the gorillas. She decided to move there. Dian Fossey is known as the first person to have friendly contact with gorillas in the wild. She sat with the group. She played with them. They never hurt her.
3     Dian became interested in a baby gorilla. She was able to get close to him. She named him Digit. Dian was able to watch him grow. Digit liked Dian too. A few years later, Digit was killed by hunters. Dian started a group that tried to protect the gorillas. "National Geographic" wrote a story about Dian. Many people sent money to her to help save the gorillas. Dian decided that she would dedicate her life to saving gorillas. She set up the Digit Fund.

Paragraphs 4 to 5:
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