Native Americans
The Pueblo

The Pueblo
Reading Level
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     challenging words:    adobe, pits, pottery, tribe, pots, cows, kinds, lived, village, picked, sheep, south, stone, tame, wild, north
     content words:    Pueblo Indians

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The Pueblo
By Mary Lynn Bushong

1     The Pueblo Indians came from one tribe. Now we know most of them as the Hopi and Zuni people. The name pueblo is Spanish. It means "village."
2     The first Pueblo people were called Anasazi. They started out living in caves. Then they learned to build homes. They wove baskets.
3     The people grew corn and pumpkins for food. Later on, they grew beans. They also used wild plants.
4     To keep food safe, they kept it in big pits under the ground. The people also learned to tame turkeys. That way, they could always have some meat.
5     Over the years, the people changed. They learned to grow more food. They did not hunt so much.

Paragraphs 6 to 14:
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