The Civil War

Battle of the Wilderness 1864

Battle of the Wilderness 1864
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     content words:    President Lincoln, In November, Ulysses S., Rappahannock River, Generals Grant, General Ewell, General Gordon, General Lee

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Battle of the Wilderness 1864
By Mary L. Bushong

1     For years, President Lincoln struggled to find a strong general. It had to be a man who was respected by the troops, but he also had to be a great military leader. In November 1863, he finally found his man in Ulysses S. Grant.
2     Grant was determined to bring an end to the war as quickly as possible. To do this, he knew he had to take the Confederate capital of Richmond. In the spring of 1864, he put his plan into action.
3     He brought his Union army over the Rappahannock River on May 4, 1864, into the land around Chancellorsville known as Wilderness. After crossing, they waited for their supplies to catch up with them.
4     Lee had anticipated Grant's move and had therefore moved his men in place to block the Union advance. When the Union army began to move the next morning, they quickly found the way blocked.

Paragraphs 5 to 12:
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