American Revolution
The Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party
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     content words:    Boston Massacre, British East India Company, East India Company, India Company, Tea Act, On December, Native Americans, Boston Tea Party

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The Boston Tea Party
By Cathy Pearl

1     The Boston Massacre was over. England had repealed most of the new laws and taxes. They had kept the tax on tea. England tried to enforce the tax on tea in 1774. This time more colonists started to think it was time to rebel. They wanted to finally be free of England.
2     One million American colonists drank tea twice a day. The British East India Company brought most of the tea to the colonies. They would sell the tea to merchants in the colonies. The merchant sold the tea to the colonists. The merchant would sell the tea for a little more than he paid for it. This way everyone made money.
3     Soon the British East India Company was broke. A lot of tea was not being sold. It sat in warehouses. Colonists would not buy the tea. They did not want to pay the taxes. Colonists did not think it was right for England to tax America.

Paragraphs 4 to 9:
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