Hispanic Heritage
Las Posadas

Las Posadas
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     challenging words:    bunuelos, historic, husk, nacimiento, pastorela, posada, recreate, during, version, nativity, arrival, verses, mass, celebration, birth, time
     content words:    Las Posadas, Marco Polo, Catholic Church

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Las Posadas
By Jane Runyon

1     During the time of the Aztecs in Mexico, they celebrated the arrival of one of their gods. He would visit from the 7th to 26th of what is now December.
2     When the Spanish arrived in Mexico, they brought Catholic priests with them. It was their job to teach the natives about Christianity. Some of the natives already put on little plays to recreate important historic events and things that happened in real life. The priests decided to use these plays to introduce Christian customs to the natives.
3     The word posada means "inn." The Spanish priests celebrated Las Posadas as a time to remember how Mary and Joseph had searched for a place to stay before the birth of their son, Jesus. To teach this story to the natives of Mexico, they had the children and some adults act out the story. This was called a pastorela. The custom has survived hundreds of years.

Paragraphs 4 to 10:
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