Hispanic Heritage
Where Do Hispanic People Come From?

Where Do Hispanic People Come From?
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     content words:    United States, Mexico City, Puerto Rico, Christopher Columbus, South America, Central America, Latin American, Many Hispanics

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Where Do Hispanic People Come From?
By Cathy Pearl

1     There are many Hispanic people living in the United States. But they are not all born here. They come from many different countries.
2     Mexico is south of the United States. Most of the people there speak Spanish. The capital is Mexico City. The country was a colony of Spain's for 300 years. Mexico fought a war for freedom like the United States did. Today it is a free country.
3     Puerto Rico is near Florida. Christopher Columbus came in 1493. People didn't do much on the island at first. People started large farms after 1830. It is part of the United States, but it is not a state. Some people want it to be a state. Others do not. Many tourists visit there today.

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