American Revolution
Help from Europe

Help from Europe
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     challenging words:    drilling, treaty, colonial, founder, Friedrich, supplies, swear, army, freedom, navy, march, angry, during, fight, state, translate
     content words:    Benjamin Franklin, Indian War, United States, George Washington, Valley Forge, White House, Revolutionary War

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Help from Europe
By Cathy Pearl

1     The colonists were at war. It was very hard. They did not have enough supplies. Their generals had never fought a war before. They needed help from other countries to beat Britain.
2     The colonists hoped to get help from France. Congress sent Benjamin Franklin to Paris is 1776. They wanted him to talk to the king. The colonists wanted guns from France. They wanted France to go to war with Britain. France had a strong navy. It could help the colonists win.
3     France wanted to help. They were nervous, too. They didn't want to get into the war if the colonists couldn't win. France had lost to Britain in the French and Indian War. France was still angry because they had lost. France did not want to lose again.
4     France sent help after the colonists won the Battle of Saratoga. The colonists showed the world that they could beat Britain. France was the first country to sign a treaty with the United States. It was 1778. France said they would send help to the colonists. Soon, other countries said they would help. The Netherlands and Spain also joined the war. They made loans to the United States.

Paragraphs 5 to 11:
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