American Revolution
Women in the American Revolution

Women in the American Revolution
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     challenging words:    pitchers, slavery, wounded, jobs, beginning, danger, fight, during, independence, sergeant, against, monument, people, mill, meeting, grave
     content words:    American Revolution, Margaret Hill Morris, Molly Pitcher, Mary Ludwig Hays, George Washington, Lydia Darrah, White Marsh

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Women in the American Revolution
By Cathy Pearl

1     Men were not the only people to fight in the American Revolution. Women also fought in the war. They did many other things, too. Women helped the men to win the war.
2     Women were not supposed to be in the war. Men did not want them to fight. A woman's job was to take care of the home. She was supposed to watch the children. But women found ways to help in the war. Some women fought. Other women sewed clothes and uniforms.
3     When the men left, women had to do their jobs. They learned how to be blacksmiths or carpenters. One woman became a doctor. Margaret Hill Morris knew a lot about medicine. People in the town went to her when they were sick. They trusted her. Every morning she went to see sick or wounded soldiers at their homes.

Paragraphs 4 to 9:
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