Middle Ages
Weapons of Siege

Weapons of Siege
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     content words:    Middle Ages

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Weapons of Siege
By Sharon Fabian

1     Picture a medieval battle. Do you see knights in armor fighting with swords? Medieval soldiers used swords, but they had a surprising number of other weapons too.
2     What other weapons did they have? What weapons would have been available with no electronics, electricity, or even gasoline-powered vehicles?
3     Medieval weapons depended on brute strength. Anything that fired or moved had to be operated by the power of humans or animals. They depended on simple machines like gears and levers. They also depended on imagination and creativity.
4     Creative knights and armorers of the Middle Ages devised some amazing creations. Most of these were designed to tackle the biggest problem facing medieval warriors -- stone castles. Stone castles had walls of thick, solid rock. An archer could shoot arrows at it all day long with no effect. Soldiers who wanted to attack a stone castle needed more effective weapons.

Paragraphs 5 to 13:
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