The War of 1812
Who Wanted to Fight the War of 1812?

Who Wanted to Fight the War of 1812?
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Who Wanted to Fight the War of 1812?
By Cathy Pearl

1     The War of 1812 had been going on for almost two years. Not everyone liked or wanted to fight in this war. One group that was against the war was the people who lived in New England.
2     The people in New England knew that the Americans and British were working on a peace treaty. But in the 1800s, news could take two or three months to cross the Atlantic Ocean. The people in New England didn't know if the talks would work or how long they would last.
3     During the war Britain had blockaded many of the ports in New England. None of the American ships could get in or out of the ports. This made trade very difficult or impossible. Many men and women who traded goods in New England lost a lot of money.
4     New Englanders were also afraid of what a peace treaty would say. They didn't want the United States to get land in Florida or Canada. Some of this new land could become new states. If this happened, then the south or the west would have more states. They could become more powerful than New England.

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