The War of 1812
African Americans in the War of 1812

African Americans in the War of 1812
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African Americans in the War of 1812
By Cathy Pearl

1     African Americans helped America to fight the War of 1812. Some of them were slaves, but they fought for this country anyway.
2     There were not a lot of black soldiers that were in the military. There was a law against it. Some still managed to be in the military anyway. These men were free and not owned as slaves. In 1813, the law was changed. African Americans could serve in the military after that.
3     In the War of 1812, fifteen to twenty percent of the Navy was black. When you were on the sea, the color of your skin was not important. How well you could do your job was.
4     Racism still existed. This would not change during the war. But African Americans fought and died next to white soldiers no matter what was said. They helped to defend this country.
5     They had many different jobs during the war. Two black men talked two thousand men into being soldiers. These men built things to protect cities. Volunteers also helped to protect Philadelphia from the British.

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