The War of 1812
The United States Invades Canada

The United States Invades Canada
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     challenging words:    invasion, prisoner, commander, treaty, goal, general, attack, supplies, siege, battle, neither, thousand, free, during, fight, invade
     content words:    United States, Some Americans, Then Canada, Isaac Brock, Native Americans, Lake Champlain, Lawrence River, Fort Erie, Niagara River

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The United States Invades Canada
By Cathy Pearl

1     The War of 1812 had started. One goal of the United States during the war was to take over Canada. Some Americans thought that the Canadians would be happy about this. They thought that Canada wanted to be free from the British. Then Canada could join the United States. These people were wrong. Canada did not want to be invaded. They fought back.
2     American troops were going to enter Canada in three areas. Some troops went into Canada near Detroit. Canada did not have many troops to fight back. The Americans had a lot more soldiers. Canada did have a smart general. His name was Isaac Brock.
3     Brock had many of his soldiers dress up in red coats. This was the color that experienced British troops wore. The coats made it look like there were more people helping him. He also tricked the Americans. He made them think a lot of Native Americans were fighting with the Canadians.

Paragraphs 4 to 10:
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