The War of 1812
Battle of New Orleans

Battle of New Orleans
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     challenging words:    port, prisoner, commander, wounded, knowing, treaty, victory, costly, attack, supplies, battle, sneak, goods, become, hero, thousand
     content words:    United States, New Orleans, Mississippi River, Andrew Jackson, Native Americans, Jean Lafitte

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Battle of New Orleans
By Cathy Pearl

1     The War of 1812 had ended. But not everyone knew that a peace treaty between Britain and the United States had been signed. One of the greatest American victories of the War of 1812 happened after the war was over.
2     Before the treaty had been signed, Britain decided to attack New Orleans. New Orleans is on the Mississippi River. It was an important port to get goods out of the country for trade. Britain thought they could really hurt the United States if they could get control of this port.
3     Andrew Jackson led the American soldiers. The victory here would make people think he was a hero. This would help him become President of the United States later in his life.
4     On January 8, 1815, British troops attacked Americans in three different places. Americans quickly fired at the soldiers and stopped the attacks. A British commander was killed in the third attack.
5     After the attacks, most of the British leaders were dead or wounded. The soldiers did not know what to do. Many of them stood in the open. They were quickly shot by the Americans.

Paragraphs 6 to 11:
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