Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I
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     challenging words:    bloody, expansion, unrest, defeat, reign, marriage, political, power, conflict, dreams, territory, controversy, attack, brief, among, during
     content words:    Elizabeth Tudor, King Henry VIII, Queen Mary I., Henry VIII, Lady Jane Grey, When Mary, Queen Elizabeth I., Jane Grey, Queen Elizabeth, King Philip

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Queen Elizabeth I
By Sharon Fabian

1     Elizabeth Tudor grew up in a time of change in Europe. Kings and queens of European countries were constantly fighting for power and territory. The Reformation was well underway, and England had changed to a Protestant country under King Henry VIII, and then back to a Catholic one under Queen Mary I.
2     England had dreams of expansion too, and at the same time had to fight off neighboring countries, like Spain, that tried to take over England.
3     England had been ruled by King Henry VIII, Elizabeth's father, and then by the young king Edward, Elizabeth's brother, who died while still a teenager. Edward was succeeded by Lady Jane Grey who ruled for only a few days, and then by Mary, Elizabeth's older sister. When Mary died, Elizabeth became ruler of England " Queen Elizabeth I.
4     England needed a good ruler. It had been through some hard times under its last four monarchs. Henry VIII's reign had been a time of controversy and unrest. Edward had been only a child during his brief reign, and that time had been full of rivalries among relatives who wanted to rule in Edward's place. Lady Jane Grey never even had time to rule, and Mary's short rule had been marked by bloody conflicts between Catholics and Protestants.

Paragraphs 5 to 13:
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