Native Americans
Native American Clothing

Native American Clothing
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     challenging words:    breechcloth, buckskin, ermine, headdress, prestigious, wardrobe, identify, definitely, traditional, directly, spectacular, rectangular, geometric, caribou, sacred, warrior
     content words:    Native Americans, Eastern Shoshone Indians, Native American, Plains Indian, Golden Eagle, Great Spirit, New World, Some Indians

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Native American Clothing
By Colleen Messina

1     Native Americans might not have been able to check into a television show about what not to wear, but each tribe did develop its own style of clothing that was just right for them. Native Americans expressed themselves in their clothing. They made their clothing into beautiful works of art.
2     Indian men definitely preferred an underdressed look. They wore breechcloths. Breechcloths were just a long, rectangular piece of hide tucked into a belt. The flaps of the cloth fell in front and behind. A breechcloth was also called a breechclout, a loincloth, a clout, or just a flap. In cold weather, they added tube-like pants called leggings. They used buckskin or other soft leather for their leggings.
3     Each tribe had its own style of leggings. Some leggings had fringe. Others had painted designs or decorations made from beads and quills. Women also wore leggings, but they only went up to their knees. Sometimes, the women attached their leggings directly to their moccasins, which made a kind of boot. Eastern Shoshone Indians put fringes on the outer seams of the leggings and beadwork designs on the bottom. Indians in the North made leggings out of caribou hide and painted them with geometric patterns.

Paragraphs 4 to 10:
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