A New Nation

Democracy Grows

Democracy Grows
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     challenging words:    political, caucus, convention, slavery, heated, nomination, country, powerful, government, economy, vote, become, state, number, control, meeting
     content words:    Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams, National Republicans, Civil War, Republican Party, Democratic Party

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Democracy Grows
By Cathy Pearl

1     New political parties were starting in the country. Other parties had disappeared. New parties were needed to take their place. Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams both ran for president in 1828. This is when the new parties first started to grow.
2     One party called themselves the National Republicans. They were people who had wanted Adams to become president. They liked his programs that would help the nation grow.
3     In 1834, they became the Whigs. They still wanted the government to help the economy grow. Business people and some planters from the south were in this party. Many federalists were also in this party. That party has disappeared.
4     People who wanted Jackson to win called themselves Democrats. This party is still around today. People in this party were farmers. There were also workers from factories in the east.

Paragraphs 5 to 12:
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