The 1940's
A Presidential Project - Mt. Rushmore

A Presidential Project - Mt. Rushmore
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     challenging words:    concrete, historian, presidential, rugged, sculpture, longer, monument, lawyer, heat, stone, mountain, state, visit, another, question, year
     content words:    Black Hills, South Dakota, New York City, Charles Rushmore, John Gutzon, Mothe Borglum, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Add Teddy Roosevelt, Abe Lincoln

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A Presidential Project - Mt. Rushmore
By Joyce Furstenau

1     In the Black Hills of South Dakota on a rugged mountaintop, sits a presidential monument where many tourists stop.
2     A New York City lawyer who was visiting the state asked the name of this tall mountain, and the question sealed his fate. This famous mount in South Dakota that had not been named before was now named after this attorney, Mr. Charles Rushmore. A historian with a vision of bringing tourists to his state began to plan a sculpture that would make Mt. Rushmore great.
3     They used dynamite and drillers. Then they chiseled it from stone. The man they hired to sculpt it did not do it all alone. It took four hundred workers fourteen long years to complete. The granite that it's carved from withstands rain, and snow, and heat.

Paragraphs 4 to 8:
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