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The Best Pet Ever
By Brenda B. Covert

Cast of Characters

Nate - trendy but solemn boy
Emma - a take-charge girl who carries a notebook and pencil
R.C. - a playful, bouncy boy
Wren - a quiet, flowers-and-lace kind of girl

Props: stuffed toy animals to be pets for sale, a sign that says “Pet Shop”

Setting: a pet shop. A long table can serve as the shop, with animals and sale signs lined up on it. The actors will move behind the table, facing the audience.

[EMMA, R.C., and WREN wait downstage left, talking quietly to each other. EMMA looks at her watch. They seem to be waiting for someone.]

NATE:  (running onstage) Sorry I'm late! My bike got a flat tire -- can you believe it?

WREN:  Hi, Nate!

R.C.:  (one hand dropping to Nate's shoulder) Tough luck with the tire. (hand falls back to his side)

EMMA:  Nate is finally here. (She marks him present in notebook.) We can get started!

WREN:  Yes! Let's go find the bestest, most cutest pets ever!

R.C.:  Speak for yourself, Wren. I just want a pet that I can play with. It doesn't have to be ‘the cutest pet ever.'

Paragraphs 14 to 85:
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