100th Day of School
Mrs. Hall's Special Day

Mrs. Hall's Special Day
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     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   1.74

     challenging words:    hundred, grid, hundredth, pages, sugar-free, keys, minutes, poster, press, hall, doing, onto, soak, counted, balls, board
     content words:    Miss Bell

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Other Languages
     French: La Journée Particulière de Mme Hall
     Spanish: El Día Especial de la señora Hall
     German: Frau Halls besonderer Tag

Mrs. Hall's Special Day
By Brenda B. Covert

1     "One hundred down, eighty to go!" Mrs. Hall cheered. In just eighty more days, school would let out for summer vacation. The tall, thin teacher shared a high-five with a shorter and rounder teacher named Miss Bell. They were in the parking lot. The busses had already taken the students home. Now it was time for the teachers to go home.
2     The two women stopped at Mrs. Hall's red car.
3     "What did your class do for the one hundredth day of school?" Miss Bell asked.
4     Mrs. Hall jingled her keys. "It was a special day," she said. "I made them do one hundred jumping jacks. Then, I passed out rubber balls. They had to bounce and catch them one hundred times."
5     "I bet they had fun," Miss Bell said.
6     Mrs. Hall was not done. "After that, I gave each student four sticks of sugar-free gum. They had to chew each piece one hundred times, and then I had them press each wad onto a poster board. I had drawn a grid on the poster board. It had one hundred squares. Now each square has a wad of gum in it."
7     "Ewww!" Miss Bell said. She made a face. "I never heard of anyone doing that!"
8     "We counted cotton balls, pencils, and paper clips. Each set of one hundred was a different size. A set of one hundred cotton balls looks bigger than a set of one hundred paper clips."

Paragraphs 9 to 17:
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