Backwoods Thanksgiving II--Elk Rescue

Backwoods Thanksgiving II--Elk Rescue
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Backwoods Thanksgiving II--Elk Rescue
By Toni Lee Robinson

1     The elk calf's eyes were big and frightened. It lurched around in a circle, trying to pull itself free of the broken snag. It flopped and fell in the slippery snow, its sides heaving from its panicked struggle. The boy winced, hoping the calf hadn't snapped the bone in the leg held fast in the shards of the old log. Then the elk jumped up on three legs again, bleating and rolling its eyes.
2     And what about its mother? Dylan wondered. The cow was probably too frightened to show herself. She might react, though, if she thought he was threatening the calf. He definitely didn't want to find out what it was like to be charged by an angry mama elk. He backed out of sight.
3     From behind a screen of brush, the boy studied the scene. Now that it couldn't see him, the elk's frantic thrashing had calmed slightly. Moving toward the calf would send it into another frenzy. What could he possibly do from this distance?
4     Dylan watched the terrified animal and wished more than anything that his dad were here. Dad would know exactly what to do. For a moment, the boy felt helpless. Anything he could think of to free the elk calf would only make things worse. But the calf would injure itself for sure if he did nothing. And the wolf would be back.

Paragraphs 5 to 12:
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