Values and Manners
Manners at Houses of Worship

Manners at Houses of Worship
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     challenging words:    communion, mall-like, organist, upbeat, pastor, refrain, various, leads, offering, participate, priest, usher, meaning, organ, entail, platform
     content words:    Aunt Rita, Aunt Ruth

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Manners at Houses of Worship
By Beth A. Beutler

1     Aunt Rita put a finger over her mouth and went "Shhh." Melody, who had been talking with her cousin Mia, closed her mouth.
2     "After we enter the building, you should only speak to each other if absolutely necessary," Aunt Rita explained.
3     Mia and Melody looked at each other and nodded.
4     They followed Aunt Ruth into a very large, open room with large padded seats called pews. There was a platform in the front where there sat an organ and piano, several wing back chairs, and a podium. A lady was playing soft music on the organ, and everyone in the room was very quiet.
5     Aunt Rita handed the girls a piece of folded paper, which listed what the service would entail. Throughout the morning, the girls stood, sang, read out of books, or bowed their heads as the leader directed. They listened to Aunt Rita's pastor share a message about forgiveness. At the very end of the service, the leader dismissed them, and the organist played louder, upbeat music as people left. As the crowd exited into a tiled mall-like area, conversations got louder. The girls could hear people laugh and talk.
6     "Is it all right to talk now, Auntie?" said Mia.
7     Aunt Rita looked down in surprise. Then she smiled. "Of course, girls. You behaved very well."
8     On the way home, Aunt Rita asked, "How did you enjoy the service?"

Paragraphs 9 to 17:
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