Jen's Journal

Jen's Journal
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     challenging words:    november, dill, lockman, psychologist, tests, scientist, doing, someday, math, kids, different, december, went, movie, also, remember
     content words:    Walt Disney, Tom Cruise, Alexander Graham Bell

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Jen's Journal
By Kathleen W. Redman

1     November 4
2     I went to see Dr. Lockman today. He is very cool. He is our school psychologist. He gives us tests. He learns about us. He helps us understand things. I took a lot of tests.
3     November 30
4     I went back to talk to Dr. Lockman. He asked me a lot of questions.
5     Do you have a hard time in school?
6     Is reading very hard for you?
7     Does your head think one thing and your hand write something else?
8     Is math very hard for you?
9     Is spelling hard for you?
10     Do you like to write?

Paragraphs 11 to 26:
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