Grandparents Day
Remembering Grandpa Dave

Remembering Grandpa Dave
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     content words:    Richard Petty, Abe Lincoln, Grandpa Dave, David Richard LeMay

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Remembering Grandpa Dave
By Beth Beutler

1     I was blessed with a special grandpa. He was one of my best friends. For awhile, we lived on the same property. I could walk up the driveway, and there he was. He loved to be with me, his favorite, and only, grandson.
2     He liked to sit outside. He also had a workshop in a shed. He was so neat. He kept all his tools in order. He had screws and nails in labeled bins. For quite awhile he collected baseball caps. He kept them neatly arranged. He often wore a different one every day. I think his favorites were anything to do with being a grandparent.
3     Grandpa had a fire pit and liked to build campfires. In fact, when he was younger, he was a fireman. My mom remembers hearing him run down the stairs in his boots when he went to a fire call. When he got a little older, he worked at the local fire station. I got to help him. He cleaned the trucks and just liked to be there.

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