Hanukkah Symbols (nonfiction)

Hanukkah Symbols (nonfiction)
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     challenging words:    ablaze, centerpiece, latke, traditional, symbolize, menorah, element, entire, lasts, dreidel, latkes, candlestick, eighth, without, celebration, announce

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Hanukkah Symbols (nonfiction)
By Brenda B. Covert

1     You know it's the Hanukkah season without anyone telling you! You see, hear, and smell the Hanukkah clues all around you. The things that tell you Hanukkah is coming are symbols. They are symbols of Hanukkah, which is also called The Feast of Lights.
2     Blue and silver are the colors of Hanukkah. The people who celebrate Hanukkah may use a lot of blue and silver around their homes. Candles, pillows, and banners come in these special holiday colors.
3     Strings of blue lights also announce Hanukkah, though sometimes they are used for Christmas as well. Blue lights may outline the house and its windows. Blue lights may be formed into a large Star of David. That's the Jewish symbol that is made of two triangles to form a six-pointed star.

Paragraphs 4 to 9:
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