Sample Gift for a Snowman Worksheet
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Gift for a Snowman   


Pip the Polar Bear
Revin Reindeer
The Christmas Goose
Snyder Snowman
Sound Effects (one or more students may do)

It was a frosty day in Shiver Valley. The trees groaned [sound effects] under the heavy snow. Pip the Polar Bear was out. His big paws crunched in the snow. [sound effects]

What makes a good snowman gift? Think, brain, think!

Revin the Reindeer wandered down the path. He wore a green sprig of holly on one antler. He almost missed his white friend in the white snow. He dropped his apple in surprise. [sound effect]

Pip! What are you doing out here? Shouldn't you be sleeping?

I've got no time to sleep! I've got to find a gift for Snyder!

Paragraphs 12 to 75:
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