Minty's Christmas Surprise

Minty's Christmas Surprise
Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 2 to 3
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   2.86

     challenging words:    Ahhhhh, crinkly, elves, hi-tech, Ooohhh, oozing, perky, pointy, sleek, sparkly, Wowee, workshop, lines, ears, squishy, onto
     content words:    Merry Christmas, North Pole

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Other Languages
     French: Menthe et sa surprise de Noël
     Spanish: La Sorpresa de Minty en Navidad
     Italian: La sorpresa di Natale di Mentino
     German: Mintys Weihnachtsüberraschung

Minty's Christmas Surprise
By Colleen Messina

1     Do you like candy canes? So did Minty the Christmas elf. He ate candy canes on his break every day. The sparkly white candy canes tasted like powdered sugar. Candy canes at that time didn't have stripes yet. They also didn't taste like peppermint, either.
2     Minty was a young elf, being only five hundred years old, so his hair was only just starting to turn white. His eyes looked like black jellybeans. They had little crinkly laugh lines at the edges. His ears had perky, pointy tips. He always smiled. Minty got his name because he loved peppermint tea.
3     Minty painted toys in Santa's shop. The shop had long wooden tables with benches on each side. It had a Christmas tree in the corner. Gingerbread men hung on every branch. The whole room smelled like spices and pine. The shop had big windows so that the sun came in all day. Sunlight shone through the icicles hanging from the roof outside. They looked like long diamonds!
4     Merry Christmas carols came into the workshop. All the elves had chipped in last year to get Santa a new CD player. Now carols played all over the North Pole. Music even went into the reindeer barn! Santa liked this hi-tech present. The rest of the North Pole was a bit old fashioned.
5     "Hi, Buckle," said Minty as he went into the shop.
6     "Hi, Minty! Which color do you want to paint with today?" asked Buckle, the fat elf who was in charge. He was called Buckle because his stomach hung over his belt buckle like a roll of squishy play dough.
7     Minty was excited. He loved picking out his paint pot first! Every day each elf used just one color. Santa had so many bright colors for his toys. It was so hard to pick! Cherry red, sunshine yellow, berry blue, and mint green...which color should Minty pick?
8     "I'll take red today!" said Minty.
9     "OK, here you go," said Buckle.
10     Buckle gently pushed the pot of shiny red paint towards Minty. Minty fastened his apron around his waist and twirled his brush into a sharp point. It was easier to paint with a sharp brush tip. Santa's toys must be perfect! All the children were counting on them.
11     "Minty, what is your favorite toy to paint?" asked Jiffy, Minty's best friend.
12     "I like fire trucks best, "said Minty, as he dipped his point into the sleek, red paint.
13     Minty and Jiffy painted until break time. Then, a bell rang. The elves stretched. They ate their candy canes. Jiffy held his candy cane stick with two hands. He never wanted to drop his snack on the floor because he didn't like dirt.
14     Minty didn't even put down his brush while he ate. He didn't notice a large drop of red paint oozing slowly down the tip of his brush. He was too busy eating!

Paragraphs 15 to 27:
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