Chinese New Year
Xiu Mei's Dragon

Xiu Mei's Dragon
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     challenging words:    happy, dreaming, Uh-oh, very, asleep, back, beautiful, bright, brother, brush, door, everyone, everything, family, father, finally
     content words:    Xiu Mei, Chinese New Year, Yesterday Xiu, Little One

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Xiu Mei's Dragon
By Kathleen W. Redman

1     Xiu Mei was very happy. Today she would put her paper dragon on the door. It would be on the door for the Chinese New Year.
2     Xiu Mei and her family had cleaned their house inside and outside. They had swept. They had dusted. They had made everything shine. It was so clean now.
3     Yesterday Xiu Mei's father had painted their doors and windows bright red. Today the family would put pictures on the doors and windows. They would put wise sayings on the doors and windows. Xiu Mei would put her paper dragon on the door.
4     Xiu Mei was very proud of her dragon. She had worked very hard on it. It was red. It had blue eyes. It had a long, green tail. It had gold horns.
5     Finally it was time to put the pictures and sayings on the doors and windows. Xiu Mei gave her dragon to her father. He put it up on the door. It was right where Xiu Mei could see it.
6     Uh-oh!
7     The dragon was too long. Its tail would not fit on the door.
8     What could Xiu Mei do?
9     "You can cut off its tail," her brother said.
10     "Please, no," Xiu Mei said. "Its tail is so pretty."
11     "You can cut off its head," her sister said.
12     "Please, no," Xiu Mei said. "Its head is so pretty."
13     "Maybe you can cut out the middle. You can put the ends back together," her mother said.

Paragraphs 14 to 26:
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