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The Best Valentine’s Day Ever
By Brenda B. Covert

Anna -  a jeans-and-baseball cap kind of girl
Babu -  a boy alien with antenna on his head
Christy -  a hairbows-and-ruffles kind of girl
Diego -  a fun-loving boy
Optional:  other students may line the stage and present items mentioned in the play - roses, cupcakes, etc.

Setting: a game room. There is a long table piled high with boxed games and puzzles. CHRISTY and DIEGO are playing checkers or chess at a small table set stage left. Optional: other children may be scattered around, quietly working on puzzles or other games.

[ANNA enters stage right, looking for her friends; she is followed by BABU]

ANNA:  (spotting her friends) Christy! Diego! I have someone I would like you to meet!

CHRISTY:  (staring at the antenna) Uh, hi. My name is ... uh ... Christy.

DIEGO:  (His back is to ANNA and BABU.) Just a minute. (He moves a game piece.) There! Okay, now I can see - (he turns his chair to face BABU and stares) - whoa! Are those what I think they are?

ANNA:  (impatiently waving the question away) Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is Babu. He's an alien. He crash-landed in my backyard!

Paragraphs 14 to 89:
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