Getting Your Act Together!

Getting Your Act Together!
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     challenging words:    ultimate, dialog, format, better, sorrow, reading, rehearsal, theatre, vocal, anger, provided, goal, likely, natural, facial, portray

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Getting Your Act Together!
By Beth Beutler

1     One of the most exciting and fun types of public speaking is acting out a role. Acting is simply a person portraying another character's thoughts, actions, and words. Acting can be very simple, as in the case of reading a story using different voices for each character, or very sophisticated, such as what is portrayed in major films.
2     Nearly anyone can act, although some people are more gifted at it than others. If you are chosen to be involved in a play, you'll take several steps to get ready to perform.
3     Very likely, you will start with reading the script, which is the written story in a format that assigns lines to each character. You may simply sit down with the other actor(s) and each read your lines. It is important to pay attention to the story and really get to know it. The better you know the story, the better you can portray the characters.

Paragraphs 4 to 9:
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