May I Ask You a Question?

May I Ask You a Question?
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May I Ask You a Question?
By Beth Beutler

1     There may come a point in time that you are required to interview someone. To conduct an interview simply means to talk with someone for the purpose of learning more about him or her or to get important information. Interviews take place when someone is applying for a job, wants to join a group, or knows something which also interests the public.
2     Here are some tips for effective interviewing:
3     1. Decide on the goal for the interview. What do you need to accomplish? Do you want to give a biography of a person, or do you need comments on a specific topic or event? Having a goal will help you stay on track during the conversation.
4     2. Do some research before the interview. If you will be interviewing an expert scientist, for example, research the specific topic you will be asking about. Knowing something about the topic will help you avoid wasting time with asking questions that are too basic.
5     3. Be responsible. Arrive on time. Be considerate of the other person's time and plan to keep the interview a reasonable length. Keep the questions in front of you so you can stay on task.

Paragraphs 6 to 13:
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