The Homemade Band

The Homemade Band
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     challenging words:    caps, eggs, jingle, kids, picked, ponytail, sealed, sounds, sticks, hall, another, band, beat, block, bottle, class
     content words:    Miss Sharp, Then Miss Sharp, Cross Buns, Twinkle Little Star, Jingle Bells, You Sleeping

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The Homemade Band
By Jennifer Kenny

1     It was Friday. Miss Sharp was looking down the hall. She was at school. She was the music teacher. She was looking for the first grade class.
2     Today was going to be a fun day. The first grade class was going to make music instruments. Then they had to practice. Next week was the big show.
3     Miss Sharp spotted the class. "Good morning," she said.
4     "Good morning," said the class.
5     The class sat in their seats. Each desk had a block of wood, a piece of felt, and sand paper. Miss Sharp made sure the blocks were smooth. Then the children glued felt on the blocks. Then they glued the sand paper.
6     They waited for the sand blocks to dry. Miss Sharp brought out the other music instruments. Each week the class made a new one.
7     The first week the class made egg shakers. They had taken plastic eggs. They filled them with rice. Then Miss Sharp sealed them with the glue gun. They made juice can shakers, too. What fun sounds!
8     The next week the class made jingle sticks. They glued bottle caps on a stick. They left a place for a handle. These made another fun sound.

Paragraphs 9 to 17:
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