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Silly Mrs. Peabody's Missing Spectacles

Silly Mrs. Peabody's Missing Spectacles
Reading Level
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     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   4.26

     challenging words:    beret, chairman, close-cropped, croissant, desktops, inanimate, miniscule, peabody, plumped, raisin-brown, roundly, spherical, uncertainty, unfruitful, unruffled, committee
     content words:    What Accessories Not, Silly Mrs

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Silly Mrs. Peabody's Missing Spectacles
By Colleen Messina

1     If Mrs. Peabody had to magically turn into an inanimate object, she could be a perfect bowling pin. Her tiny, spherical head had close-cropped, curly hair topped by a fine, feathery hat. Her figure swelled out roundly in all directions at the middle. Her miniscule feet in their pointy shoes seemed barely able to support her large form. Her tiny raisin-brown eyes receded into a pastry- pale face. Right now, those raisins plumped with nervous excitement.
2     Mrs. Peabody had an important tea to attend. She had stuffed her bulging body into an elegant black dress. Her butler, James, knew that things were not quite right because her pastry white face was tinged with red, and she was puffing as if she had run up the stairs. Mrs. Peabody never, ever ran anywhere. She lumbered instead.
3     "Oh, James, the most awful thing has occurred. I cannot find my reading glasses. How will I make the announcement at our tea of the highest donors to the museum fund if I cannot find my glasses?" cried Mrs. Peabody in a state of crisis. She was a silly woman, but the chairman of the committee had high hopes that she could handle that simple job. That was a miscalculation.
4     "Madam, I will help you look," said James in an even tone. He had a smooth, unruffled brow and a perfect English accent.
5     "Hurry!" shouted Mrs. Peabody in a shrill voice.

Paragraphs 6 to 15:
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