Mystery May
Pirate Cave Ghost, Part 2

Pirate Cave Ghost, Part 2
Reading Level
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     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   2.62

     challenging words:    Ahhhhhh, bluffs, geologist, jog-trot, receiver, scope, well-iced, zenith, retreat, canter, cocked, defeat, series, flick, rough, tunnel

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Pirate Cave Ghost, Part 2
By Mary Lynn Bushong

1     Marco and Trevor wanted to go right to the caves to look for the ghost. They stopped at their own homes to make sure their mothers knew what they were doing.
2     "Trevor!" said Mrs. Morgan. "I'm glad you are back. You promised to mow to lawn this afternoon."
3     "Aw, Mom," complained Trevor. "Marco and I were going to go down to the shore and do some stuff. Can't I mow the yard later?"
4     "No," said Mom firmly. "What stuff?"
5     "Stuff?" asked Trevor with an innocent expression on his face. "Oh, you mean what are we going to do at the beach? We are going to swim a bit and maybe do some exploring. You know, stuff."
6     "You also know that I am not really happy with you being around those caves," said Mom. "Be careful. The geologist says they are stable, but who knows for sure. In any case, you have work to do."
7     Trevor dropped his head in defeat and went to phone Marco. As he reached for the receiver, it rang. Trevor answered; it was Marco. He listened to his friend and was gratified that he wasn't the only one who had to do some yard work.
8     As Trevor pushed the lawn mower back and forth across the yard, his mind was already at the beach. He wasn't familiar with the caves and made a mental list of things they should take exploring. Rope would be helpful, and they would be sure to need flash lights and extra batteries too. Perhaps he could ask Dad if they could borrow the digital camera. Was it possible to take pictures of a ghost?
9     Two streets over, Marco was on his knees bent over a flower bed. His nimble fingers quickly grasped the weeds. With a flick of his wrist, he jerked them out of the ground and flipped them onto the grass behind him. When he reached the end of the bed, he sighed. Then he cocked his ear. Trevor must be done, he thought. He glanced at the sky. They might still have time to see Mr. Canter.

Paragraphs 10 to 23:
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